It matters not what road we take but rather what we become on the journey.

Everyone is different and needs an individualized approach. We use well-know techniques and a developmental approach to identify and focus on the specific problems that affect your daily life.

Psychological services include therapy for relationships and work/life balance, psychological testing, and educational testing. Visit our Therapy Page for more detailed information about our balanced approach to treatment.

Forensic psychology involves the intersection of human behavior and the legal system. Forensic services offered by KKJ include traditional and collaborative divorce support, mediation and evaluation services as well as criminal law evaluations. Visit our Divorce By Design Page or Criminal Forensic Page for more detailed information about these services.

Whatever your reasons for choosing KKJ, you will find a dedicated and compassionate provider who adopts an integrated approach. Learn more About us. 

Services now available on Thursdays in Raleigh! Contact 919-493-1975 for more information.

Visit our Resources Page for podcasts, articles and information about workshops and groups.

Divorce by Design

offers services to enable you and your partner to end your marriage with dignity and compassion for one another. Go

Therapy for Relationships and Work/Life Balance

leads to outcomes that are beneficial to all parties in a relationship and for all who are affected by it. Go

Criminal Forensic Psychology

services include psychological assessments, consultation and testimony in legal settings. Go